Hello world!

12 04 2007

Howdy Saloners!

Welcome to “In the Sink.” Get it? Like, beauty salon, not frenchy sah-laaaoh salon.

Nita & I thought it would be groovy to set up a little Salon host bloggy for our ever expanding hosters to post interesting news & updates.

Salon alums–send us your publication news, reading announcements, updates!! We’ll post ’em here. If we feel like it.




2 responses

19 04 2007

Wow! Look at that! I am the first person to comment. How exciting. I am looking forward to seeing what you all offer up here In The Sink. As a fellow writer, teacher, and blogger I would love a link so as to increase my traffic and readership. I will add a link to this blog as well.

My link is:


I hope you feel like it!

19 04 2007

Thanks Jabiz! For those reading this first post, I can attest to Jabiz’s thought-provoking blog, so check it out. Also, read his story about surviving the tsunami (FIVE MINUTES) posted on our website!

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